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Alliance of Chicanos, Hispanics, and Latin Americans

Rochester, MN


The Alliance of Chicanos, Hispanics, and Latin Americans is a long standing nonprofit that has served Rochester Since 2004. During this history, ACHLA has sought to act as the bridge between the local Latin/Hispanic population and government/service providers. As the foremost Latin/minority nonprofit, ACHLA constantly strives to work towards its mission to empower Chicanos, Hispanics, and Latin Americans to participate in enriching the quality of life for all people in the Rochester area. 

ACHLA is organized as nonprofit organization (501 C3) in the State of Minnesota.

The vibrant and lively atmosphere of the Latino Festival captures the essence of Latin American culture in a captivating spectacle of music, dance, and cuisine. This annual celebration brings together communities from diverse backgrounds to revel in the rich tapestry of traditions that span the entire Latin American diaspora.

The Rochester Community Bike Club promotes a bicycle friendly community by empowering youth and families to use their bikes for recreation and commuting to school and work.  

Bike Fixing

ACHLA Podcast

*Currently under development*

Our podcast on local news and opportunities. We plan to cut through the noise to bring you relevant updates on what's happening in our community. From job openings to upcoming events, we want you covered. Tune in to stay informed and make the most of what's around you..

Rochester, MN, hosts a range of practical assistance programs aimed at addressing various community needs. These initiatives encompass affordable housing, education, and improved healthcare access. Collaborating with local organizations and government bodies. Rochester strives to provide tangible assistance to residents facing difficulties, underscoring its commitment to ensuring a more stable and equitable living environment.

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